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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Taizhou Tianying Mold Factory has been dedicated to the design, manufacturing, and research and development of automotive parts molds, such as car bumpers, front grilles, front and rear lights, rearview mirrors, etc. It is a professional enterprise engaged in the development and design of plastic molds for automotive interior and exterior decorations and daily necessities

The company has advanced production equipment, including precision machining equipment such as the Italian "Fidea" high-speed machining center and a large Taiwan gantry machining center, as well as various detection systems. We have a group of excellent technical personnel specializing in the manufacturing of plastic molds, who are skilled in hot runner, dual color injection molding, flow and molding defect analysis, mold processing pre compensation, rapid prototyping and other technologies. They can also have the ability to design and manufacture plastic molds for whole vehicles at once.

Tianying people adhere to the concept of pursuing zero product defects and adhere to the guidance of Japan's speed and Germany's quality policy, striving to provide better supporting services for various automotive plastic parts and lighting manufacturers.

Because of our expertise, we are doing better and look forward to working with you!


The company was established in 2006

Focused on the mold industry for 18 years

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About Us

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